Music to listen to while you study

The silent plague of listening to the wrong music while studying

Julia McElligott, Reporter

First quarter has come and gone. You realize that your grades need some help these next three quarters as you spent most your time in the first quarter going to football games and catching up on summer with your friends.

Did you know there is a silent plague that has caused you to lack the ability to get through all your homework and/or study to the best of your ability…MUSIC

Most people listen to music while doing homework, but does that really help? The answer is yes, if you listen to the right kind of music.

In E. Glenn Schellenberg’s study on intelligence effected by music, his results noted that, “the music groups had larger increases on each of the five subtests”. 

Pop and rap music all have high BPM (beats per minute) and are too catchy, causing you to sing the words to the song distracting you from the task of your homework. We have all heard that the right music to listen to is classical music, our answer is… boring, and we ignore what we are told. We go back to our catchy, and fast paced music, not even considering an alternative.

Well I have a playlist that will allow you to listen to more hip songs but at a better pace and tone, causing less distraction.

Follow this continually updated playlist. Hit shuffle and get to that homework!