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Therapy dogs visit McLean

Furry friends alleviate stress

March 20, 2018

It’s many Highlanders’ favorite day of the month again: therapy dog visiting day. What originally began as a part of the administration’s effort to lower students’ stress levels has now become a fun, relaxing event that most students look forward to.

“Dogs just give unconditional love,” junior Sophie Jones said as she kneeled to hug one of the therapy dogs. “Honestly, I would like them to come every day.”

The dogs are experts at brightening any student’s previously mediocre day and lifting their spirits.

“Seeing the smile on [the students’] faces is my favorite thing,” said Laura Warren, therapy dog (whoodle) Charlie’s owner. “It’s amazing how just petting the dogs calms them and makes them smile. You can really see how they help people.”

Meet 7 of the therapy dogs:

Photo by Anya Chen


Breed: Collie-Husky mix

Age: 12

Favorite Food: raw carrots

Favorite Pastime: getting her belly rubbed

One Word to Describe Her: lovable

Photo by Anya Chen


Breed: Wheaten Terrier-Poodle mix (Whoodle)

Age: 11

Favorite Food: peanut butter

Favorite Pastime: playing fetch

One Word to Describe Him: the-best

Photo by Anya Chen


Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: turning 8 on April 8th

Favorite Food: anything except lettuce or celery

Favorite Pastime: visiting schools and seeing kids

One Word to Describe Her: affectionate

Photo by Anya Chen


Breed: Labrador mix

Age: 6

Favorite Food: cheese

Favorite Pastime: going on walks

One Word to Describe Her: chill

Photo by Anya Chen

(also) CHARLIE

Breed: Golden Retriever-Border Collie mix

Age: 5

Favorite Food: meat and cheese

Favorite Pastime: hiking and chasing deer

One Word to Describe Him: loving

Photo by Anya Chen


Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 8

Favorite Food: (also) anything but lettuce and celery

Favorite Pastime: being with teenagers

One Word to Describe Her: (also) loving

Photo by Anya Chen


Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Age: 11

Favorite Food: anything he can get his mouth on (including toilet paper rolls)

Favorite Pastime: sleeping

One Word to Describe Him: a-good-boy

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