The Highlander

2019-2020 Staff

Emily Jackson

Copy Editor/Online Opinions Editor

Emily Jackson is a junior at McLean High School. She is a copy editor for The Highlander and an online opinions editor for the website. Outside the classroom, she enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family....

Paarth Soni


Paarth Soni is a sophomore at McLean High school who is now in his second year of journalism. He loves to play basketball during his free time and hang out with his friends. Paarth Soni is is excited for journalism this year as...

Noah Barnes


Noah Barnes is a sophomore in his second year of journalism at McLean High School. He enjoys playing soccer, going to the movies, and spending time with friends.

Katie Romhilt


Katie Romhilt is a sophomore in her second year of journalism. She plays ECNL soccer and often travels around the country for games. Last year, she went to Italy with her team. She has an active role in the community, including co...

Michelle Cheng


    Michelle Cheng is first year journalist for The Highlander. Outside of school she rows for McLean Crew, plays piano, and debates in Model UN. Michelle also enjoys painting, watching Netflix, and eating food. 

Sam Naemi


A junior at McLean High and a first timer of Journalism whose back hurts carrying the so called "veteran" Rohan Mani.

Andy Chung

Design editor

Andy Chung is a Sophomore taking Journalism 2. He is a design editor for the Highlanders and a varsity golf player for McLean.

Cordelia Lawton

News editor

Cordelia Lawton is enjoying her second year of Journalism. She is enjoying being a news editor and is loving all her classes. She loves writing and can rarely put a book down. She transferred to McLean High School in her junior ye...

Jack Shields

Managing Editor

Jack is in his third year of Journalism at McLean. Jack will write at least 3 in-depths this year, and enjoys playing soccer and eating.

Nicky Varela

Sports Editor

Nicky is a junior at McLean High School. He is in his third year of journalism. Outside of school, Nicky loves playing and watching football, as well as eating food. He also hates Bryce Harper and the Kyrie Irving with a burning pa...

Ben Brooks

Sports Editor & Copy Editor

Ben Brooks is a student in his fourth year in journalism. Ben excels in many prominent sports including ping pong and spike ball. His favorite color is gray.

Josh Bass

Online Opinions and Sports Editor

Josh Bass is a sophomore at McLean High School, as well as an online opinions and sports editor for The Highlander. Josh has been taking journalism for two years and is interested by it; finding it viable to pursue it out of c...

Sebastian Jimenez

Opinions Editor

 Sebastian Jimenez is a transfer student who moved to McLean in sophomore year. He serves as an opinions editor for the Highlander, and intends to go into a field related to journalism later in life. 

Jessica Opsahl-Ong

Opinion's Editor

Jessica Opsahl-Ong is a Managing Editor and reporter for the Highlander. She can be found reading a good book while wrapped in a sweater. 

Rohan Mani

Online sports editor, Reporter

Rohan Mani is in his 2nd year of Journalism and is a junior.  He is currently the online sports editor and a reporter for The Highlander magazine. He enjoys following sports, hanging out with friends and family and overall...

Dasha Makarishcheva

Website Editor in Chief, Design Editor in Chief, Cartoonist

Darya Makarishcheva is a Junior and has been the head cartoonist for the McLean Highlander since the end of her freshman year. She loves the Journalism Department and structures her life around contributing more to its success. He...

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