Art department cans hunger in McLean community

Artists turn canned food donations into large sculpture


A truly unique city has been created as a result of so many student ideas and initiatives.

The McLean art department tackled a new holiday project this year, working hard over the last week in order to create a unique kind of sculpture: one made out of canned food items. In contrast to the gingerbread house competition art students usually participate in during the holiday season, the department wanted to give back to the McLean community this year. The cans will in fact be repurposed and donated to people in need after the sculpture is taken down.

Students put their heads together earlier this week in order to come up with the collective theme for the sculpture, which turned out to be a wide array of landmarks both fictional and non-fictional composed into one big city.

“We originally were going to build one big sculpture, but then we decided since we are divided between so many different classes, that we would just make a city and kind of let anybody do whatever they wanted to do within that city,” art teacher Jen Singh said.

The sculpture itself was a great success- allowing students to create buildings and landmarks from their favorite series and places, as well as from their imaginations. It was a safer alternative as well.

“Because of COVID, we really can’t bring food into our classrooms anymore,” Singh said.

The art department collected more than 500 cans and non-perishable items in total, from both students and teachers, and plans to donate them soon to local shelters and those who are in need this holiday season.