Dune movie: enough spice to go around

The first part of this sci-fi classic comes to the big screens


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Dune, the 1965 science fiction novel, has once again captured a cult audience with the release of its movie adaptation. Dune, starring Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides and Zendaya as Chani, is full of stunning visuals and suspenseful moments.

The movie starts out with introducing Paul Atreides as the son of the powerful House of Atreides leader, Duke Leto, and Lady Jessica.

The House of Atreides is told by their emperor that they are to look over Arrakis, a desert planet that is renowned for their natural resource, spice. Spice is a profitable resource sold for interstellar travel, but the people of Arrakis do not want foreigners to farm their resources and take it all, so they resist the new regime.

Along with the resistance from the natives of the planet, the House of Atreides was set up to fail, as the emperor is secretly plotting with a rival house, the House of Harkonnen, to overthrow the House of Atreides.

Through these political conflicts, Atreides also has to navigate his new powers, and the visions of a woman that he has grown to love throughout these sightings.

Dune, which is the first part of the movie series, sets up the background for the future movies to come, and leaves the viewer wondering what comes next.

Oscar Issac played his role as Duke Leto passionately and brought Frank Herbert’s writing to life. However Chalamet’s character falls a bit flat and is portrayed more as a cardboard-cutout superhero type rather than the complex character Herbert wrote Atreides to be.

Surprising many viewers of the movie, Zendaya, an actress which was shown frequently in the promotions, was only shown for a total of seven minutes in the movie. Zendaya was an interesting screen presence and was not utilized to the full extent that she could have been.

While there are phenomenal acting jobs and talented filmmaking, it seems that in becoming a movie that Dune has lost a bit of the edge that made it such a debated book in the science fiction community.

Hopefully in the next portion of the Dune series, some of the characters become more developed than they were initially. There is still an open ending to the story, and the series still has potential to grow into the science fiction iconic piece that many were expecting.

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