What do in-state college decisions look like?

Senior students college decisions in the last 5 years in Virginia


High School done, College begins — Senior Kobe McCowan graduated from high school and is ready to take on a new path in his life at VCU. He is very excited to begin his journey and what will appear in his way. (Image by Kobe McCowan)

When it comes to decisions about college, money can be a big factor. College can be very expensive, with some students paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for tuition only. Room, board, and textbooks can also add much more to the cost.

For students concerned about cost, in-state tuition offers a more practical value proposition. McLean students have access to a large number of prestigious schools in Virginia where they can get their college experience at a discount price.

“NOVA offers many benefits,” senior Matt Zarkani said. “It’s close, it’s cheap, and it offers a great transfer situation where I can go to any school in Virginia that I want after I’m done [there].”

Other major schools that seniors attended were the University of Virginia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), George Mason University, and James Madison University.

“I like how VCU is a very diverse school compared to other colleges,” said senior Kobe McCowan. “I think it offers opportunities for me to learn and grow my resumé for the future.”

There are many other excellent schools in Virginia, such as Washington & Lee University, Virginia Military Institute, and the College of William & Mary, but according to the information from the last 5 Highlander Senior edition news magazines, only a combined total of 98 out of 858 McLean students went to these three schools in the last five years.

College acceptance rates are decreasing every year as schools are getting more competitive. However, McLean students’ dedication to academic studies has allowed them to spread the Highlander spirit in schools all over Virginia.

Decisions about college—choosing whether or not to attend, what college to ultimately commit to, and deciding on alternative postgraduate pathways—have a big effect on your life. Choosing to go to college is an important step in each high school student’s path.