Croods 2: worth the wait?

The sequel to Croods is released on Nov. 25


Image obtained from Creative Commons

The Croods, an all-time family favorite, tells the tale of a prehistoric dysfunctional family. The sequel, however, did not live up to its former reputation.

Dua Mobin, Chief Marketing Manager

After much anticipation, Croods 2 was released on Nov. 25. Was it worth the long wait?

Although Croods was known to some as a childhood favorite, and even a classic, its sequel did not meet the standards set by its predecessor. Croods 2 started exactly where the first movie left off. After beginning with a short prologue of how Guy lost his parents, the teen romance, internal family conflicts, and the Croods’ search for a new home continues. The plot shifted after the Croods discovered the idyllic residence of the modern-looking Betterman’s, but the rest of the storyline was extremely disappointing and seemed to come from the mind of an elementary school kid.

Notable actors such as Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stonedid voiceovers for main characters in the film and conveyed witty and entertaining dialogue. However, the rest of the film was a melting pot of sappy romance, repetitive conflicts, and predictable events.

Though the film consisted of hilarious and relatable gimmicks, the rest of the plot was incredibly bland. The same essential themes from the first movie were recurrent in the sequel: fear versus knowledge and brute force versus acuity.

 From the introduction of the “Punch Monkey Tribe” to the return of the land sharks, you could easily sense that the filmmakers loved creating crazy new creatures for this prehistoric land. This was a key weakness of the first film, too. The more creative the Croods’ world got, the less interesting the Croods’ actual story felt.

Aside from the engaging humor that could be appreciated by the young audience, the film lost the sentimental value, emotional appeal, and compelling plot that were key components of the first movie. 

Overall, Croods 2 was greatly entertaining for various audiences, but it lost well-appreciated features of the first film and lacked its appeal to age groups beyond children. While I’d recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good laugh, this is not the movie for anyone seeking a riveting plot or meaningful values within a film.