McLean’s News Show goes online

Victoria Mollmann, Reporter

When school went online, on March 13, classes had to adapt to the new environment of online learning. Things were not different for the Broadcast Journalism class, which depended on equipment to film the news show at school, and had to switch to at-home filming. 

The class decided that the news show could not stop, so everyone found ways to collaborate and ensure McLean students were still able to see the news and stay informed. 

“The transition from making the news show online was a little bit difficult, it was hard to make sure to get all the right angles and get everything done.” Said Junior Lyssa Bass, who is a part of the News Show staff.

After brainstorming topics in class and deciding who would film what, students were encouraged to film their sections at home, which were all put together in a Youtube video.

“It’s harder making [the news show] outside of school because [we] have to be way more careful because it’s going on Youtube for everyone to see.” Bass said. “And there’s a lot more editing to be done to get the perfect angles.”

The first edition of the online news show was released on April 13, and counts with over 200 views. In it, students talked about a variety of topics: from the new FCPS grading system, to face mask customization tips, to even a book review. 

A new video is released every week, and even through all difficulties in the process, students manage to have fun and make it an enjoyable experience.

“It’s sad to not get to see all our friends when we’re doing it.” Bass said. “[But] everyone is having a fun time trying to come up with ideas to occupy themselves and keep people entertained.”

Make sure to check out the newest edition of the news show!