Senior Commitment Day Instagram should become a new tradition

“[It’s] a really great way of bringing the entire class together”


Lauren Thompson, Reporter

Their last prom, their last sports practice, their last official day. Hershey Park and Senior Assassin. The senior issue of The Highlander. Seniors have lost a lot to the coronavirus, but thanks to a vigilantly proactive student council, some traditions will live on virtually. 

Like Commitment Day. 

Usually, seniors celebrate their commitment to a university by coming to school in their college merch. To replicate the canceled tradition, the Instagram page @MHS_commitment_day2020 posts a picture of a smiling senior next to the logo of their future university several times a day. 

“Committing to the Naval Academy was a big decision for me, especially because it was not only a commitment to the school, but five years in the Navy after graduation as well,” senior Angela Feng said. “I submitted to the page because I wanted to be able to share an achievement I had really worked hard for this past year.” 

Angela Feng celebrates her commitment to the U.S Naval Academy

The page is run by the Senior Class Council, and senior class president Sachi Dieker came up with the idea.

“With the COVID-19 school shut down, I felt that it wasn’t fair seniors had to be robbed of one of their most exciting parts of their lives: choosing colleges!” Dieker said. “It’s nerve-racking but I think it’s wonderful that we can all virtually celebrate where we are going to spend our next four years.” 

The submission is simple: DM a picture of yourself to the account, and state the college you’ve committed to. Then just wait for your peers to celebrate you, your past four years of hard work and the next four year chapter of your life. It’s simple, but impactful. 

That is why it shouldn’t die with the class of class of 2020. Next year’s class should have a day in which everyone wears their colleges’ apparel, as usual, but also post on the Instagram account throughout that same week. Future Class of 2021 presidential candidates could include this easily implementable promise in their campaign, and cement it into MHS culture. It’s a simple way to double the celebration. 

“I 100% think that is a great idea for future Highlander seniors to continue the tradition,” Dieker said. “It’s super fun, people can share the pics and show everyone their pride of attending college!” 

“For me, the page was a really great way of bringing the entire senior class together in congratulating each other on everyone’s achievements.” Feng said. “That’s what I appreciated the most.” 

Do you think that a commitment day page should become a new MHS tradition? 

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