Keeping up with Katie (COVID-19 Edition)

Monday March 30

Today I started the TERRIBLE task of cleaning my room. Now, I think it’s a surprise to no one, but I am a very messy person. My room, closet, and backpack are, as I like to call it, ~organized chaos~. Not much happened today. I went on a walk/hike with some friends. I also was craving cookie dough all night, so I’m making it a goal of tomorrow to make some cookies. 🙂

Saturday March 28

Sorry for the inconsistent blogging, I’ll get better I promise. Not much happened Thursday or Friday. I think it rained, forcing me to stay inside 🙁 . Also, I started a new series called All American. I would highly recommend. Its about a football player from a poor suburb of Los Angeles who is giving a chance to play at a prestigious Beverly Hills school. Now, of course, there is an insane amount of drama that surrounds the main characters, but there’s never a boring episode. I’d probably compare it to a modern day Gossip Girl, and instead of Gossip Girl’s blog as the “main focus”, it’s football. The premise is the same though, rich teens, the one outcast, and A TON of family drama.

Katie’s Rating for All American Season 1: 10/10 (unless you can’t stand drama-filled shows, then you would hate it)

Today, my friends and I met in a parking lot to hang out in our cars and listen to music. All over social media, these parking lot hang outs have become very popular among teens. At first it was just me and my girl friends, but later some of our guys friends showed up. Once they came, we went onto the field and started playing a really intense, physical game of monkey-in-the-middle. I ended up getting full on tackled by one of McLean’s football players, leaving my knee bloody (lucky for you, I don’t have a picture. But ask Addie, it was bad).

Wednesday March 25

Sorry for my infrequent blogging, not much is happening in my days. Today, College Board starting posting lessons for AP Test prep so I spent 3 hours watching those videos and taking notes. Let me tell you, after those hours, I’m happy about not having to go back to school.

Other than that, I’ve had had a quiet day. When it rains, I’m stuck in my house, which means no soccer, no basketball, and no hikes. I did, however, get the chance to go out for a little bit and take Addie’s dog for a walk with her. Her dog’s name is Joey and for some explainable reason, Joey DOES NOT like me.

Tonight at dinner I was talking to my family (once again) about the Tuff Puff game we had in the fall. (Now, if you’ve never heard of Tuff Puff, it’s the Junior vs. Senior girl’s flag football game). This game might have been the greatest day of my life. I played running back and the first play of the game I scored an 80 yard touchdown (yes, I ran 80 yards with the ball). So, as next year’s game is a short 6 months away, my training will begin tomorrow.

Tuesday March 24

Last night we got the terrible news about school staying closed for the rest of the year. I was devastated. Never in my life had I wanted to go to school so badly.

Monday March 23

Today marks our second week of Quarantine. So far I’ve spent my time hiking, playing soccer, and playing basketball.

Since the outbreak, I have to spend a lot of my time outside, practicing social distancing. This means I go on a lot of hikes. I have quickly become the master of the near-by popular “Scott’s Run” hike. Hiking is kind of fun, but the pictures make it worth it.

I’ve played soccer since I was 4 years old, and I hope to continue playing in college. However, it’s a lot of work. Every day I’m either working out alone, playing with the boy’s varsity team, or working out with my trainer. I enjoy it, but my body has never been more sore.

The funny thing is I’m 5’4″, a good 8 inches shorter than the guys I play against in basketball. This leads to a lot of embarrassing moments (like when they block my shots or shove me out of the play). Nonetheless, my skills have improved, and I see a career in my future.