Part 14

March 22, 2020

March 22, 2020. Sunday.

The creator of Binding of Isaac has created a bundle of a bunch of his games (with the BoI expansions) and due to the Coronavirus Break it’s all 80% off. I was planning on getting one of the BoI expansions when I graduated but it doesn’t look like that’s happening now. In order to celebrate the early “ending” of the school year I got the severely discounted bundle.

In other words – I’ve been playing video games for two days straight.

Since November I’ve sunk 550 hours into this game. It’s such a great time waster that I’m confident that I’m going to get out of this quarantine completely sane.

Yesterday my family decided that they would go to DC to view the cherry blossom trees. Unlike them, I’ve seen enough on my walks so I stayed home.

Apparently there are some services that will bring food from the store directly to your home. My mom ordered some a few days ago and we got some bread this morning. Last night she woke up at midnight in order to order in the digital system early. There’s panic even over the internet, but at least she’s not amid a crowd of people.

Around midnight my brain started to think in that sleepy insane ways brains function in the middle of the night.

For example: I don’t care about graduation, but the Journalism department has an annual banquet that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I wanted to give a speech and see all of my friends together.

We haven’t been able to hold interviews for staff positions yet. I wanted us to tell the future EICs their positions on April Fool’s day again – it was hilarious last time.

Note: Covid jokes on April Fools day are BANNED!

Also, what if the Coronavirus interferes with college? I want to do tons of socializing, but what if I’ll end up having to take mostly online classes? I’m definitely not going to be able to visit any campuses at this point.  I desperately want this to be a summer thing, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be that way.

Apparently St. Patrick ’s Day happened at some point? And fools went out partying.tsk tsk
I’m sad that I couldn’t mess with my English teacher – I had a small joke I was going to play in his class, but now I can’t and that’s sad. I’ll save it for some other special event.

I’m worried about getting into online learning, or back to school because I could be productive now and actually figure out Physics before we get back.

I want to be productive, but video games. I didn’t play BoI for the beginning of this break, but now it’s taking up all of my attention again.

My drawing tablet is literally right in front of me. I could work on art! I could make that will it/won’t it exist kids book. I’m being encouraged to do it and publish it on the online blog and I’m not confident that it’ll ever exist.

At this point I forgive myself for my erratic sleep schedule. I think it’s the way that I’m supposed to function, actually.  It’s nice, but it’s getting really hard to actually fall asleep now. I still want to get everything in order and actually function. There’s so much to do!

Tomorrow my friends and I are going to have our mid-day lunch.

We called my grandparents who live in Crimea, they’re being safe and my super-cool grandpa stocked up on things like rice and buckwheat. Apparently schools in Russia are closed because of the… sudden leap in pneumonia cases.

Last but not least, I got a compliment on my writing today! It made me happy – especially since I try to avoid writing. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me.

When I was a kid I said that I wanted to be a fire fighter and help people. I was told it was a man’s job – just like being a member of the police force

Then I said that I wanted to be an author and entertain people. It rained on every book I wrote. Literally – there were at least two occasions where I left my works-in-progress/inspirations outside on rainy days.

Then I said that I wanted to be a comic-book author and I published a popular series to my class library in third grade!

I’ve peaked long ago, guys. The only person stopping me now is myself.

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