nicky’s corona hellscape

my eventual descent into madness

Nicky Varela, Chief Captain Sports Editor

friday, march 27

wow. it’s been four days? my bad. i’ve been a little busy this week. anyway, heres what i did today.

woke up at 11. went downstairs. madden. food. work. boom. thats it.

heard that the county might switch to pass/fail for the fourth quarter. that would be a fat L for me. i need that easy fourth quarter to bring my grades up. hopefully, they don’t go through with it. if they do, i am capital s screwed.

i should go outside. i don’t think i have today.

i’ve been trying to pay attention to what the various professional sports leagues have been saying. so far, not a lot of good. the nba might go into the playoffs immediately when they return. i don’t like that. the mlb has some wacky ideas too.

of course, neither of those leagues are anywhere close to starting back up. my only hope is the korean baseball league, who as of right now plans to return in mid-april. we can only hope.

ok that’s it from me. hope everybody’s doing ok. xoxo

monday, march 23

sup. late night blog. quick rundown.

i actually did work today. from 1-4, i was straight working. i’m a maniac.

sorry, forgot to get a video of me card throwing. i promise i will deliver, eventually. had

had another burrito for breakfast. starting to lose its pizzazz. might switch it up to a quesadilla tomorrow. definitely something involving a tortilla.

i went for a walk today, so thats cool.

ok, thats it. blog will be longer next time. xoxo

postscript: give me song recommendations @703-328-6800

sunday, march 22

what’s up gang. day 2 of the blog. today, i almost did the exact same routine as yesterday. i woke up at 11 and eventually got hungry enough to go downstairs for food at 11:30. i made another burrito. here’s the pic.

i know it’s far from perfect, but damn if it isn’t delicious. another day, another 7/10. i finished brekkie at about noon, and i subsequently spent/wasted the next three hours on madden. like i said in yesterdays post, i am not an exciting person. however, if you’re still reading this, clearly neither are you. anyway, at 3:00, my dad commanded me and my brother cole to play basketball outside. i whupped him again. it’s getting less and less fun to beat him. it’s like playing a toddler. you know you’re going to win every time, so why keep playing? we stopped playing after an hour. since then, i’ve just been chilling in my room. i know i should be doing work right now, but why would i do that when i could be lazy instead?

for some reason, today made me really realize how agonizing this quarantine process could be. i do basically the same exact thing every day and can’t really change that. and it’s what, day seven? something like that. imagine doing this for two months. i can’t even begin to imagine how mind-numbing that would be. hey, at least ap tests are easier this year, i think (i haven’t been paying that much close attention).

i’m thankful we have technology now. if i had to do this during the spanish flu 100 years ago, i don’t think i would’ve made it. i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i miss school. at least, the human interaction part. i could do without the grades part. i love my family and all, but being around the same three people all the time is really testing me.

card throwing update: practiced a little today. think i’m probably up to the 61-63% good throw range. still working up towards that 70%. tomorrow i’ll take a video to show you all how skilled i am.

that’s all from me today. i’ll have dinner later and probably lift, that’s about it. oh, and my prediction yesterday was right. i finished the entire pint in like 20 minutes. i’d consider that a possible achievement to add on to my resume. anyway, hope everybody reading this is doing ok. i’ll talk to you all tomorrow. xoxo.

postscript: me and ava both like this song. enjoy. shoutout to jack for helping me add this.

saturday, march 21

preface: hello all. i decided to start a blog detailing my experiences of being stuck at home in quarantine. so far, it’s been okay. i haven’t had too much trouble being entertained (for the most part). while i naturally do get bored pretty easily, my boredom levels have not reached disaster mode. i mainly have my two main hobbies-sports and food-to keep me busy when i get bored. or so i thought prior to our eventual lockup in case something like this actually happened.

unfortunately, as i’m sure many of you know, professional sports have ceased for the foreseeable future. this means i only have half of my total hobbies to keep me entertained. but im a warrior. i know how to persevere. i can learn and have learned to be fascinated by other things that aren’t involved with either of those subjects. i finally found one hobby: throwing playing cards. i looked up the proper technique on wikihow ( since then, i haven’t looked back. so far, i’d say about 56% of my card throws actually result in a proper spin. my goal is to get above 70% of the time. i will be sure to keep you all updated on my progress towards this monumental goal.

as for what i did today, not much. i woke up at a normal human time of about 10:30 a.m. it took me about an hour before i decided to get the actual day started. after taking a shower, i went downstairs to eat/consume something. oh yeah, i almost forgot to mention. thankfully, since food is still around and hasn’t abandoned me like the sports world, i have decided to learn a little bit more about cooking. this morning, i decided to try my hand at a breakfast burrito. i am not a professional chef, so i didn’t go very complicated with the ingredients-butter (for the pan, not consumption. duh), eggs (scrambled), cheese (shredded), and salami (didn’t have sausage). it took me about four minutes to finish my masterpiece. now, i don’t really know how to fold a burrito, but i’ve stared intently at the workers’ form at chipotle, so you could say i’m already a master. all in all, it was a pretty bomb burrito. i’d give it a 7/10. tomorrow i’ll try to snap a pic.

after my breakfast at noon, i of course decided to work out vigorously for three-four hours, with about two hours of straight cardio. lol nah. kidding. i’d rather die. instead of doing that, i played madden for like four hours. to be fair, i’d like to think they are equally important/healthy activities. at four thirty, i finally decided i needed sunlight to survive the day. i know, i’m crazy like that. anyway, i played basketball with my brother and his friend, who are both home from college for the rest of the year. i proceeded to whip both of them into submission with ease. for comparisons sake, i was ghengis khan, and they were the great wall of china. i’m just built different. after that, i sauntered upstairs and spent like half and hour trying to figure out the best cover photo i could use for this blog. i finally settled on the beaut you see above.

thats the gist of what happened today. i will (definitely) eat dinner later and probably eat an entire pint of ice cream and consider that a successful day. jesus, i really am that boring. why would you even read this? go read ben’s blog, it’s a lot better. anyway, i’ll try to post/update this regularly with new info for you sickos that would like to keep reading my stuff. i hope (and assume) everybody had a more impactful day than me. i’ll talk to you tomorrow. xoxo