Part 13

March 20, 2020

As I walked home yesterday I saw a group of 3… teenagers? Who were older than me? Aha – college students! An unusual sight, but definitely a group going through some stuff these days. As I walked past the group of blondes, I definitely caught wind of them talking about how unusual it was for them to be here.

College students across the U.S. are in a very unusual predicament. One of my college-aged friends has been posting a lot online about their struggle with having to suddenly return to a toxic family. With nowhere to go, students across the U.S. are being forcibly returned to disgraceful living situations. My heart reaches out to them – I hope it all ends soon.

On my walk home I also saw one of my neighborhood kids playing basketball. Our families used to know each other pretty well, so he and I engaged in some small talk.

  • “Were you the one drawing… over there yesterday?” he asked, gesturing towards the distance.
  • “Where? I don’t remember where I was drawing yesterday, all I remember is that it was cold. Oh, wait! I drew by the church, yes.”
  • “Ah.”
  • “I was actually drawing some cars. Want to see?” I asked, as I pulled my sketchbook out of my pack. “But with the quarantines and stuff… you might want to keep your distance.”

I showed him my car drawings as he stood a pretty far distance away from me. He said they were good. I asked how his family was doing and I wished them well.

My art teacher created a FlipGrid assignment for our class, and only 3 of us did it. ¾ of us – the loud kids in class. It seemed kind of ironic that the kids who one could easily label “the most distracted” are the only ones keeping up with assignments.

Collegeboard changed the requirements for AP exams and the art portfolio changed from 15 to 10 pieces. It was 20 pieces last year, so I feel great on that front.

I have no clue what’s happening with my Gov. exam. I should find out.

Okay, it seems like I’m likely going to take the AP Gov. exam online. Which is fine – I should pass it anyway (I can’t see myself failing it). I don’t see it having a big impact on my life anyway  – I’m more concerned with passing the citizenship test.

So for the past two days I’ve had to edit the website to feature the Covid Blogs, but not too much because of the preferences of my staff. I may have overdone it, because Ben’s Covid Blog is now the second-most viewed page on the site this month. Mine has very few views, but I’m completely okay with that because I’m writing this all for myself.

I’m planning on adding a ton of images and links to my blog page at some point.

During Covid-Break I’ve been reading a lot of comics online, and it’s clear who’s being impacted by Coronavirus-Break by which comics are being updated and how often. It’s especially obvious as some have been on break for a very long time until now.

I decided to work on a video advertising Journalism as an elective for school this afternoon. I connected my storage drive to my laptop and looked through old footage of people that I’ve recorded in Journalism. I laughed a lot. Journalism is fun.

I ran into one video of a friend who’s been slightly dissatisfied with their time in Journalism lately (Or something along those lines) and so I texted them, asking if they were enjoying their time off.

Turns out that they weren’t – and they’re feeling kind of bad about having their senior year torn away so suddenly. They expressed issue with having to deal with isolation.

I guess some people don’t know how to deal with their own selves. It’s just like how one person accidentally sent a screenshot of one of my friends saying that they’re so bored that they’ll do LITERALLY ANYTHING to get rid of their boredom.

I get loneliness and boredom, but is it unique to not struggle with it? By no means am I an introvert – I’m definitely between the two people that I’ve mentioned in my extravertedness, yet neither is okay with their current circumstances.

I will say, though, that this is definitely a situation of nurture, not nature.

I decided that in order to help some friends socialize that we should have a group lunch together! With the power of video calling, of course. We’re planning to do it on Monday at noon.

The news hasn’t been uplifting. Corrupt government actions, earthquakes, shut down cities, nothing unexpected. One thread started up this morning asking how things could naturally get worse and it made me die inside a little bit.

On the positive side I found a fun forum of a bunch of moss fanatics!

I’ve been peeking at Russia’s predicament in the world right now and there’s been a suspicious rise in pneumonia cases. They definitely don’t have Coronavirus cases. Only pneumonia. Ignore the fact that pneumonia is a possible effect of the Coronavirus. Russia doesn’t have the Coronavirus.

Virginia has 114 cases now.

My mother pointed out that since quarantine started a week ago, and it takes 2-5 days to notice initial symptoms of the virus, that now should be the approximate peak of the disease. She said that state hospitals have been reporting no overwhelming numbers of patients.

I wonder how deflated the numbers are across the board – as in with the lack of testing kits and the natural need for countries to appear tougher than they actually are.

I’m also wondering how we’re going to get out of this. As long as people carrying the virus exist, are we going to keep hiding? When do we get to start feeling safe at our schools?

Is this similar – in any way – to the mass school shooting epidemic from… last year? Two years ago? I don’t remember. It was just so recent.

I just wish I could binge-watch some Netflix alone in my room, but I don’t have a Netflix.

Speaking of which, I’ve been browsing some design stuff. Did you know that the N in Netflix is a crossed-out “pause” button?

I’m about 9,500 words into writing today. As far as I can tell, I’m alive and at peace. My mom says that I’m absolutely not allowed to go into a store and that I will get sick. I’m just jealous that everyone else got to see the empty shelves.

My walk today was nice. I played Pokemon Go and as I sat down on a staircase by one of the 3 local churches I noticed that my knees were paler than the sidewalk.

People are going out on walks, jogging, playing soccer, riding bikes together. As the cherry blossoms bloom, and the daffodils under them die there is a slightly sickly-sweet smell in the air.

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