Marina’s life as a full-time babysitter

Marina Qu, News Editor

Saturday, March 28

Don’t really remember what I’ve done since the last blog, but definitely not doing work. Days are passing by so fast that I don’t even know what I did this morning.

Yesterday my middle school friend who I haven’t spoken to in one and a half years suddenly contacted me, and as we were chatting today, I was reminded of how immature I was back in 7th grade. Our conversation went from closing schools to losing weight and then strangely to movies and then my embarrassing moments from 4 years ago. Apparently I was easily frightened, according to that friend who has told horror stories to us.

Also yesterday I found out that fourth quarter isn’t going to be counted in our final grade and all of our online-learning would be optional. I was devastated, but I feel that some teachers might have ways to give bonus credits. I need to calm down.

I keep forgetting to add a features image but I haven’t taken a picture since the break started.

Wednesday, March 25

Today I asked my mom to watch me while I was doing homework just to keep me on task… and my sister saw what I wrote yesterday. Apparently she’s happy that she’s getting famous on The Highlander website.

For two weeks I had set my alarm clock at 8:30 am each morning, but I had never waken up before 10. So, starting tomorrow, I promise and promise that I will be more productive!!! And I gotta go to bed early now. Bye.

Tuesday, March 24

Yesterday Gov. Northam announced that all schools will be closed for the rest of the school year. I didn’t know how to react at all. Junior year has been the most painful year, but I was enjoying almost every bit of it. Previously, I’ve talked with Rebeka about which class was affected the most by the COVID-19, and I was so strong on the fact that all juniors’ futures are going to be affected anywhere from standardized testing, grades to college admissions. But now I really have to say, sorry seniors.

Unlike many others’ coronacaton, my break has been filled with work from the past week. In chemistry and math, we have a daily assignment calendar to follow, but keeping up motivation at home is so hard. For some reason, my 8-year-old little sister is doing better than me. She created a schedule for herself to complete the 6 hours’ worth of daily work assigned by her responsible teachers. She did the work so effectively each day that she still has enough time allocated to annoy me.

No need an alarm clock to wake me up. Everyday at 10 am, no matter rain or shine, my sister would jump onto my bed, rip off my blanket, and flip open my eyelids. Sweet, right? I really need a lock on my door.

Three days ago I set my phone on “kids mode” to discourage me from looking at it. I asked my mom to type in a random password that would limit my screen time to two hours a day.

I don’t recommend it.