Knitting with a purpose

Knitting club knits projects to donate to charity

Amanda Mullet

Of all the under recognized clubs at McLean, knitting club takes the prize for being one of the most unheard of. Meeting on Thursday’s in the auditorium, knitting club is on their third official meeting and trying to garner interest from more students. 

This club has a strong focus on knitting and teaching club members how to knit, a good skill that many may want in their future. Each week members work on projects, knitting whatever they desire while attempting to fulfill a meaningful goal.

“Our club has a focus on knitting, we are working on projects to be donated to the homeless” senior Amanda Mullet said.

Everything that this club makes has the potential to go to a greater cause and  help the less fortunate. This club not only teaches students new skills but has roots in community service, teaching the importance of giving back while giving students the opportunity to have fun and be charitable all at once.

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As of right now, the club is focusing on giving to the homeless as during the colder months warm clothing is a necessity. They are knitting scarves and other winter clothing essentials to ensure to their best ability that the people in the community will have warm clothing.

This club welcomes all and are open to any prospective members. Stop by on Thursdays to join this tight knit and welcoming community who have interwoven interests, tied together by their common goal of service and love for knitting.