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Matcha Cafe Maiko serves up delicious soft-serve ice cream



This is the soft-serve matcha-vanilla ice cream swirl. It has just the right sweetness and matcha flavor.

Ally Liu, Copy Editor

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Whether it’s ending a summer night out or livening up a depressing winter, Matcha Cafe Maiko has got your back. 

I went to the kiosk in Tysons Corner Mall. On the Wednesday that I visited, there were only a few people, and the service was fast. You look at the menus, order and take a seat. 

Open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., the cafe features endless combinations of shaved ice, soft serve, and frozen dessert, as well as a hot menu. All of the items are made in-house. I ordered a soft ice cream (mix), which is basically a soft-serve Matcha-vanilla ice cream swirl. 

The ensemble itself was definitely Instagram-worthy, with a large ice-cream-to-cone ratio and a satisfyingly zigzag swirl. The cone also had deliciously jagged and asymmetrical edges for an artistic touch. 

With mouthwatering creamy goodness combined with the fresh crunch of the cone, the swirl was perfect for both newcomers and veterans to Matcha-flavored foods. The flavor was not too strong, which would be perfect for someone who’s never had matcha before. The ice cream was sweet, but not too sweet to keep the focus on the creaminess of the ice cream. The cone was firm and crispy. It was not chewy or soggy and added a nice crunchiness to the ice cream’s creaminess. 

The Matcha-vanilla soft-serve swirl deserves an A+ for being fresh, crunchy, and creamy.