Mental Health Club Expands

Minds Matter introduces sub-clubs to reduce student stress

Nicholas Lohman, Editor-in-Chief

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Sheridan Dailer
Minds Matter posted these invitations for its pizza party around the school. McConversations was the subject of the meeting.

Sheridan Dailer
Minds Matter and McConversations President Sheridan Dailer speaks to students and administrators. She formally introduced McConversations last month at this pizza party.

Sheridan Dailer
Minds Matter pizza party attendees ate and learned about new initiatives at this meeting last month. Knitting and art clubs meant to reduce stress will be coming to McLean.

Sheridan Dailer
Students had a chance at last month’s party to discuss the future of Minds Matter. The club will continue to expand throughout the year.

McConversation’s club leaders discuss their plans for speaking with administration members. They hope their findings from the online forum will help the admin create initiatives to solve mental health problems.

Mind Matter, a club dedicated to improving students’ mental health at McLean, is expanding and has begun to implement new initiatives. Spearheading the club’s expansion is its president Sheridan Dailer, who proposed the school create an online forum called McConversations, where students can chat with club members about mental health issues they are having.

The forum was launched in Sept., and McConversation’s leadership is meeting with the administration on Friday to discuss what students have been chatting about. Dailer hopes that the Administration will learn about the problems students are having and fix them.

“Just in terms of the club itself, we’re having meetings with admin to be more involved with the mental health of all students,” Dailer said.

Minds Matter hosted a pizza party last month to formally introduce McConversations’ to the Minds Matter Family. McConversations is a less structured and more open way for students to discuss their mental health problems.

“My goal was to create a sub-club to make more room for admin and the people who have been seen helping students get involved,” Dailer said.

All the sponsors of Minds Matter and McConversations were present at the party to discuss the direction and future of the two clubs. Teachers attended and listened in on

the event as well.

“We had a meeting on the Wednesday before to discuss responsibilities, like who would bring what and then sent an email to all the teachers I have and have had, inviting them,” Dailer said.

Dailer has already planned new activities and programs for the future to relieve stress at school.

“We are also now implementing crafting clubs like knitting and arts,” Dailer said