Who is Vinson Palathingal?

Who is the Fairfax County School Board Candidate, and what does he stand for?


Emily Mance

     Does the name Vinson Palathingal sound familiar to you?

     If this name rings a bell to you, then it is most likely because you recognize Vinson’s name from the large campaign sign proudly displayed outside our school’s main entrance. To many of us, it is just a sign. However, the views that this candidate represents are not worthy of endorsement.

     Vinson Palathingal is currently in the running to become a Fairfax County School Board Member at Large. With local elections approaching, it is important for us as a school community to educate ourselves on which candidate we believe should be elected. We need a School Board Member who has our best interest at heart.

     This candidate is not Vinson Palathingal. His backward political views, especially those regarding Family Life Education, are a threat to the infrastructure and safety of our schools.

"I believe such teaching (FLE), especially to the very young minds encourages unwanted curiosity and experimentation that has the potential to inflict irreparable damage to their personalities, and thereby to the future of humanity as we know it." Vinson Xavier Palathingal

      Palathingal believes that FLE, which teaches students about contraception, is dangerous, claiming that “Its effectiveness in prevention has never been evaluated.” We know this to not be true, considering the gradual decline of Fairfax County’s teen pregnancy rate, following the implementation of more in-depth sex education. 


Fairfax County's Teen Pregnancy Rate
Fairfax County's Teen Pregnancy Rate

Live Healthy Fairfax

      Family Life is an important program. It educates its participants on topics that are relevant to student life, encouraging the positive development of interpersonal relationships.

      Vinson Palathingal does not approve of this curriculum. He wants to remove important aspects of LGBT sex-ed, and encourage the “celebration of traditional families.” Palathingal also blames immigrant families for Family Life Education, suggesting that immigrants do not possess the ability to think critically.

"When it comes to immigrant families vis-à-vis FLE, there are additional concerns that I have. Most immigrant parents who come from failed and/or repressive systems around the world tend to look at everything they see and hear in the USA as great and are ready to adopt it without critical thinking." Vinson Xavier Palathingal

     Clearly, Palathingal has not opened up his closed mind to ideas and beliefs outside of his comfort zone. Fairfax County Schools are a melting pot, with each school community being slightly different from the rest.

     If Vinson Palathingal is elected, our melting pot will boil over.