Terror engulfs DC Pride Parade after reported shooting


An abandoned Pride flag on the ground after stampede at DC's annual Capital Pride event. (Photo courtesy of Isaac Lamoreaux)

Isaac Lamoreaux, Reporter

“I’m doing this out of love” an older woman says while she spits on her jacket and wipes the pride flag that I had drawn on my face only hours ago, excited out of the anticipation for this weekend. “I love you, you are going to be ok,” She says as she finishes and gives me a hug. People frantically hid their flags and pins in fear of an unfriendly gunmen entering the building and finding us in our full Pride regalia. I sat on the ground next to distressed friends, and was comforted by a Virginia Tech graduate in a conference room at the Cornell University in Washington. This is that story. 

On June 8, 2019 crowds of Pride goers fled DC’s annual Capital Pride Parade event. A false alarm of shots fired sent the crowd running this Saturday evening around 7 pm. There have been reports of several people injured, and even a a “threat contained” according to Capital Prides Twitter.

Even after officials, including the Mayor Muriel Bowser, have reported that there was no active shooter, questions still remain. 

What happened

At approximately 7:20 PM EST there were reports of hearing “three or four loud pops” according to many witnesses by the DuPont Circle fountain. 

Commander Rivera of MPD’s Special Operations Division later confirmed that there was indeed a man with a weapon, however, there was strong evidence to indicate that there were no shots fired. 

Moments later, panic ensued. 

Pride goers including myself ran into nearby buildings for safety. Later, other pride volunteers came through to help shocked Pride goers. 

Several students from McLean High School and other schools from Fairfax County were present at Saturdays event. 

We will keep you updated on this story as it progresses.