McLean tracks wraps up at states

McLean impresses at state tournament

Rohan Mani, Online Sports Editor

During the weekend of June 1. the McLean track team traveled to Todd Stadium in Newport News, Virginia to participate in various activities at the state tournament. The team was represented by juniors Aziz Malouche and Maddy Hecker, seniors JaneAnne Tvedt and Caroline Howley and sophomore Eric Mizusawa.

Hecker believed that it was the hard work throughout the year that enabled them to succeed in the end. 

“You have to learn, but during practice, you need to work hard in order to succeed and learn. Hard work pays off in the end. I would do the sprint workouts and focus on jumping techniques and went to the weight room to become faster and stronger to become a sprinter and jumper,” Hecker said.  

At the event, multiple members of the McLean team were successful. Tvedt acquired 2nd place for the high jump event while Howley, who participated for the 3200m and 1600m events won third place. 

Fellow team member Malouche credited the progress of the team to the hard work put in during the entire year. 

“I feel that the hard work we as a team put in the entire year allowed us to improve and become better towards the end, ” Malouche said. 

With the conclusion of the event, the track & field season for the 2018-2019 school year ends. The next outdoor track season will kick off next spring for the 2019-20 school year.