Summer online courses: worth the hype

The pros and cons of taking online courses over the summer


An average weekly assignment for Online P.E 9.

Michelle Martinkov, Reporter

As this school year is coming to a close, everyone is eager to relax in the summer sun instead of doing homework. While most students are carefree during the summer, some are taking online classes. The FCPS online campus offers over 15 courses available to FCPS and non-FCPS students. 

“I have been taking gym online during the school year but I have never heard of summer online classes,” sophomore Jennifer Ha said. 

There are many benefits to taking courses over the summer. Taking a summer course creates an open slot for electives or other classes during the school year.

“Economics and personal finance is a course everyone is required to take in order to get a diploma. I decided to take the class over the summer so that I could take other courses instead of it during the school year,” senior Tori Lam said.

Additionally, most of the online courses only take one month to complete. For each course, the student gets their own teacher, who they have to meet with for an hour once a week. If a student misses a chat, they have 48 hours to complete a make-up assignment. 

“Although it seems time-consuming, the assignments aren’t too difficult. As long as you turn everything in on time you should have an A. The only complaint I have is the price.” Lam said. 

The one and the only downside of this course is the pricing. The cost of each class ranges from $500-900, depending on what class it is and whether or not the student lives in the FCPS region. To be fair, it would be difficult to find a teacher to teach a class over the summer without getting some sort of pay. If you divide the price by day it would add up to $25. That isn’t too bad!

Overall, these online courses can boost your GPA which will look great on a college application.