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Get a great taste of Vietnamese-style fast food

Eric Mizusawa, Online News Editor

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Eric Mizusawa
This is one of their pho dishes, which consists of eye round steak, rice noodles, scallions, and broth. The restaurant this was taken in is closest to the school on Wilson Blvd., Arlington.

For fast, healthy, and certainly delicious Vietnamese Cuisine, Pho 75 is certainly the place to go when you’re hungry on the go.

While there isn’t much variety, they are certainly famous for their mouthwatering rice noodle dishes, which is what they’re really good at, and it’s especially where you want to go if you love fast Asian cuisine. Their soup dishes come in either the “large” or “regular” size, and you order them with your choice of meats along with other components, such as vegetables, that come on the side. 

Eric Mizusawa
Shown above is a photo gallery of some of the things you may see when you go to the restaurant, such as its sign, the overall setting, a Buddha statues, and of course, their delicious bowls of pho soup.

Not only is the food they provide absolutely tremendous, but one of the other highlights of their restaurant is their incredibly fast service, in which your dish will be at your table around six minutes after you order it. Unlike a typical restaurant, however, waiters will only serve you once, so it’s best to order everything you may want during that time, and a word of advice, they only allow let you pay with cash!

Open from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM, the crowds are usually big and the line is usually long, however don’t let that

discourage you from enjoying their pho, because it usually moves very fast, and your order will always come very fast (less than 10 minutes!) after you order it.

All in all, while Pho 75 has a limited variety in terms of their menu, the food they do have to offer is wonderful and delicious, and it’s definitely the place where you must eat when you need to be somewhere fast.

*Menu obtained via

Rating: 4/5 bowls of pho

Google Maps
This is a map of the various Pho 75 restaurants found throughout the area. As this is a chain, while each restaurant has a different style, they all have the same menu for them.


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