Track and Field Senior Night was a running success

The seniors of our Track and Field team were celebrated by their teammates on April 3


Jerrick Bravo

The Track and Field seniors were celebrated by their fellow athletes on April 3 during their annual Senior Night. The seniors were given crowns and capes to wear, as well as poster as a way to show the appreciation for all of their hard work on the team.

Rebeka Rafi, Advertising Manager & Features Editor

On April 3, members of McLean’s track and field team celebrated their seniors during their annual Senior Night.

The event took place at 4:45 p.m. on our track, right before their home meet.

This year, Coach Megan Ney will be saying goodbye to some of her most notable athletes that have been on the team since their freshman year.

Caroline Howley, one of the seniors that will be deeply missed, has been running every year for track, despite her injuries. Her talent and devotion to this sport have made her stand out from most.

“I’ve never loved something as much as I love this sport,” Howley said.

Howley has been responsible for planning all of the Senior Nights during her sophomore and junior year, so it must have been a fulfilling experience to finally be celebrated during the event.

“I was excited for senior night,” senior Howley said. “I was super pumped to finally get to participate!”

Emotions were high for the soon-to-be-graduated seniors, as it was their last track meet of the season, but the seniors were excited to compete with their team one last time.

“It’s always bittersweet to think about it being the last meet, but this team has been so impactful on my life so I was ready to celebrate with them,” Howley said.

Despite their last track meet being emotional, the event included activities that spread good feelings all around as the seniors experienced a walk down memory lane, as well as shared their look to the future.

Track and Field celebrated their seniors during their annual Senior Night before their home meet. The students were joined by their parents as their favorite memories and their plans for the future were shared.

“During senior night all the seniors are called out to the field with their parents and then someone announced our favorite memories from track, how many seasons we have participated, and what our plans are for next year,” Howley said.

A lot of time and preparation went into planning Senior Night; it cannot be done without the help of the underclassmen that contributed to the whole process.

The purpose of Senior Night is to make the team’s seniors feel appreciated for all of their hard work and effort. This goal was accomplished through the love that the seniors received from their fellow athletes.

“Our teammates all made posters for us and we got crowns and capes to wear,” Howley said.

This type of effort from the team, to make their seniors feel appreciated, has had a major impact on the seniors. Howley, being on the team for all four years of high school will never forget those who have witnessed her growth through the sport.

“I’m definitely going to miss our amazing coaches and my teammates who are always so supportive and positive,” Howley said.

Track and field has been an influential part of the lives of the athletes, especially for Howley. She has been able to run for MHS for all four years of high school. 

“Track and field has been so important to me throughout my life, especially in high school,” Howley said. “It’s always been the one constant, and despite all of the injuries and anxiety that comes with performing.”

Howley has been able to overcome all of the struggles and injuries and will graduate with all of the priceless memories and experiences that she has acquired through track and field.

“I truly wouldn’t be where I am without my amazing coaches, teammates, friends, and family, and I thank track for making me into the person I am today,” Howley said.