Violet skates for the win

Talented figure skater Violet Presley-Wolff strives for Gold

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Violet skates for the win

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If you go to Ashburn Ice House at any time of day, chances are Violet Presley-Wolff will be practicing her ice skating. Even though it’s freezing and most likely early in the morning, she practices as hard as she can every day for up to four hours.
“I started skating as a fun hobby, but it’s really just consumed my life. It’s the thing I love the most,” Presley-Wolff said.
Presley-Wolff started skating at age 6 when she did a public skate and loved it. She started taking private lessons and has loved it ever since. Two years later, she started skating in a synchronized skating team. She did that for five years, and then decided to focus on freestyle and quit the skating team.
“I really loved Synchronized skating, but it eventually became more stressful than fun. I was going to quit skating entirely, but my freestyle coach convinced me otherwise. I am so glad I listened to her,” Presley-Wolff said.
Presley-Wolff’s freestyle coaches are Rashid Kadyrkaev and Kitty Kelly McGorry. Kadyrkaev coached her for one and a half years and McGorry for seven years. She has 3 lessons with McGorry a week and two with Kadyrkaev. “I’ve been working with Violet since she was a little kid, and she always has motivation to better herself. I really admire that in a student,” McGorry said.
Presley-Wolff works really hard so she will do well at her competitions. At her last competition, Autumn Skate in Wilmington, Delaware, she won second place as a result of her hard work. Her next competition is Potomac Open in Ashburn, Virginia. She is working twice as hard as last time so she will win first this time.
“I hope I will skate for the rest of my life, It’s an amazing feeling whenever I step onto the ice for a lesson or to practice. The adrenaline pushes me to accomplish my goals and do wonderful things,” Presley-Wolff said.

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