McLean boys basketball defeat the crosstown rivals

The highlanders defeat the Langley Saxons in style.

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Dub season in MacTown after the McLean varsity boys basketball team defeat the Langley Saxons, their crosstown rivals.

“Going into the game I was really excited and a little nervous but I had confidence our team would win,” sophomore Nathan Legg said.

The Saxons did not have a very impressive record going into the game, but both teams head into this game with a new sense of fire and the desire to beat the rival team.

“One play that I thought was key was when Matias dribbled the ball between an opposing players legs, then passed it to Evan Stout for the three,” Legg said.

This play was the final play in the first quarter putting the Highlanders up to a 17 point lead. The Highlanders struggled in the second and third quarters only making a few shots and unable to contest the Saxons. Ending the third quarter, highlanders led with a close score of 47-45.

“[The boys] fought back when the game got close and took back the momentum in the fourth quarter,” Varsity head coach Mike O’Brien said.

The Highlanders took back a massive lead at the start of the fourth quarter with a 10-1 run on the Saxons tired defense.

“Free throws made by Evan Stout and Matias Prock sealed the game for us,” senior Aaron Hale said.

The Highlanders beat Langley 67-58, in outstanding fashion with the McLean student section waving “bye bye” to the Saxon fans. The McLean student section then stormed the court to be part of the team’s glory in defeating the crosstown rivals.

“The atmosphere was great as always. The feeling of winning the game is the best feeling there is, but it’s not everything. We want to keep this momentum up and continue to beat our conference opponents,” Stout said.

While the Highlanders did have a successful game they know this is not the last time they face the Saxons. They had some big takeaways from the game which they hope to prepare them for their final match up on Jan. 25 at Langley.

“We will have to be more prepared for the multiple traps they ran and not give up as many uncontested three point attempts,” O’Brien said.

Top scorers for McLean were Prock with 21 points and Stout with 26.

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