George H.W Bush remembrance

A day of remembrance for former president in Washington DC.

Julia McElligott, Reporter

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Former 41st president George H.W Bush passed away at age of 94 in his Houston residence on Nov. 30.


It was a cold dark morning in D.C Dec. 5, with the government closed, the streets were eerily quiet. The morning sun had not yet broken the surface but there was an illuminating glow on the Capitol Building. It was the final day for the citizens to pay their respects to late president Bush, in the Rotunda room of the Capitol.The sound of a pin being dropped could be heard in the Rotunda as people took a moment to reflect and pay their respects to H.W and his legacy.

President H.W Bush’s casket was draped in the American Flag upon a black velvet stand. There were three tower arrangements from the Executive Branch, the US House of Representatives, and the Senate. His casket was also guarded by the five armed military services, with the Marine and Navy switching from the head of the casket to show they are land and sea counterparts. The other three members included Air Force, Army and Coast Guard. As the changing of the guards occurred everyone stood in awe, as they came in, clicked their heels, switched positions, and the relieved members exited to the left.

In the corners of the room there were large cameras filming the entire remembrance, which seemed to linger as a reminder that this ceremony would be remembered forever. After you had taken your time to pay your respects you exited through the Crypt and heavily secured hallways. Reaching the door to exit they had two stations of guest books, one where you could just sign your name or one where you could leave a note for the Bush family. Finally after having paid your respects signed the guest books you were handed a memorial card, with a gleaming picture of George H.W Bush with his legacy on the back.

George H.W Bush will be remembered for his outstanding and long lasting service to our country, may he rest in peace.

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