The Science National Honor Society is all the matter

MHS has added a new Science National Honor Society this scool year


Rebeka Rafi , Business Manager and Features Editor

This year, McLean High School has had an addition to our long list of honor societies. The Science National Honor Society has been created by three students: Jennifer Ende, Mila Volpi, Kimya Shirazi, and Gloria Sun.

These students are all dedicated to the subject of science and thought that it was necessary to create an environment where other science-lovers could meet and learn together.

“[We] all shared the same dream of creating an honor society devoted solely to Science,” junior Gloria Sun said.

Gloria Sun is one of the founding members of the honor society and found it surprising that there wasn’t an honor society for science in recent years at MHS.

“We realized that while Mclean already had honor societies in the arts, history, English, math, and many more, there was none for science,” Sun said

There used to be a Science Honor Society at MHS in previous years, but it was later disbanded due to lack of commitment with the students.

“I guess the students just weren’t dedicated enough to the honor society,” Sun said.

Although the Science National Honor Society may not have been successful in the past, this year is looking good for the honor society, under the leadership of these committed students.

The application process has already commenced and the honor society seeks students who have are enthusiastic about the subject of science and have an exceptional GPA for their science classes.

The creation of this honor society has taken a substantial amount of time and has required hard work from its founders and sponsors.

“The process began sometime in early January and February of last year,  and Ms. Hott and Mr. Pankratz have both been a great help in making it happen,” Sun said.

The student founders all have a passion for science and believed that having a Science Honor Society was necessary in order to satisfy the needs of science-enthusiasts at MHS.

“I believe it is crucial that Mclean High School joins and encourages the community of a new generation of students interested in and inspired by the sciences,” Sun said.

Not only will this honor society provide students with the opportunity to learn more about science, but it will also give them an opportunity to do science-related community service activities that involve leadership skills.  

“The Science National Honor Society will allow students to practice leadership qualities that wouldn’t be offered otherwise in the standard classroom,” Sun said.

It is important to provide students, with different passions, a place where they can embrace their subject of interest with others who have the same mentality. Which is why the student founders advocated for a Science-related honor society in the first place.

“Scientific and technological progress is advancing and increasing in importance throughout the modern world. Science Honor Society will give students the opportunity of exploring their area of scientific interest,” Sun said.