Coaching Summer Dive

How to on teaching dive

Julia McElligott, Reporter

How to coach a dive team:

  1. You must always remember this is something the kids should want to enjoy, you want to make this fun for them.
  2. Knowing how to dive always helps as a coach but isn’t mandatory, know the fundamentals.
  3. Practice is only an hour so make sure to make the most of the hour.
  4. Always go back to the basics if the diver can figure out how to do the dive your asking, go back and start to teach them the movements of the dive on the ground rather than on the board.
  5. Kids respond well with rewards, once a week have a “fun day” where you play diver games like – Jump, Twist, Dive – or categories.

When at a dive meet:

  • You want the kid to be confident so always tell them they are doing well, use the sandwich approach, one good thing, one thing to work on, followed by another good thing.
  • If a kid fails a dive its not the end of the world there are plenty of more meets for them to compete in. 
  • When the meet is over win or lose going out for a team dinner is great for bonding and building a stronger team. 

Coaching any summer sport is meant to be fun so enjoy your time, the kids look up to you.