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Senior Assassin season 2 wrap up

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As of Friday May 11, the official deadline for assassins to get their first target, many of participants have been automatically eliminated.  To avoid both assassin and target from being eliminated, Marshall Pratt and Shelby Rose have decided to make an agreement. Rose agreed to surrender to Pratt so that at least one of them can remain in the game.

“I’m really glad she surrendered because it’d be no fun if we both get eliminated from the game,” Pratt said.

Our very own A&E editor Conor Zeya got his first target by having him surrender. There were also many crazy incidents on the final day of season 2.

Grace Roomian got her first target on May 11, and then went on a spree to get three more targets. This led to her tying Havi Carrilo-Klein for most kills in the 2018 senior Assassin with four kills.

“I honestly just decided to visit each target and just ended up getting really lucky,” Roomian said.

In total there were 16 kills on the very last day to get someone’s first target. Overall season 2 was full of kills and also had many random immunities that shook things up.

My personal favorite immunity was having people put pictures of their teachers on their shirts and take a picture with that teacher.

Season 3 is starting off with getting rid of floaties as a standard immunity, which should lead to many eliminations.

Shelby Rose surrenders to Marshall Pratt to keep him alive in the game.

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