DECA to increase membership this year

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) sponsor Debra Fargo plans to increase DECA’s membership


Daniel Collaku, Reporter

DECA sponsor Debra Fargo said that DECA will increase membership by attracting students who want to find a business career, as it is important to the club.

Students who join clubs usually join because of interest. In DECA’s case, students join because they get to partake in activities involving business including business role play.

“DECA gives students the opportunity to join business conferences and challenges,” Fargo said.

DECA teaches students important life skills, including leadership, presentation and problem-solving skills.

“These are fun, interactive activities,” Fargo said.

DECA is involved in projects, such as competitive business role-play scenarios, along with business reports and things of that nature.

11th DECA president Philena Sun is currently trying to increase membership.

According to Fargo, DECA interacts with the DECA chapters from other schools club with the same name from other schools at local, state, and national events.

DECA also partakes in business trips around the country, learning about corporate entrepreneurship, as well as meeting up with prominent businessmen at community events.

“DECA appeals to students who wish to find a career in business or entrepreneurship… so just get involved,” Fargo said.