Technology Student Association look to create leaders

The TSA is ready for new students to join and participate

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Technology Student Association look to create leaders

Sarah Solis

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Technology Student Association (TSA) members participate in competitions in design and engineering. The club was created for students who want to become successful leaders of the technical world.

These competitions range from animatronics to fashion and video game design. Club members can work in groups or individually to complete their projects. Students get a chance to show off their creativity, meet new and important people, have their projects judged and compete in school or regional competitions.

The TSA has started holding interest meetings for anyone looking to join.

“People who would be interested in joining the TSA…[are people who] want to be engineers, or [people who] could just be into website design,” said engineering teacher Cara Mosley, sponsor of the TSA.

Not everyone can join the TSA though. People who want to join have to have a certain background.

“You have to either be in a Tech Ed class or you had to have taken a Tech Ed class in middle school or high school,” Mosley said.

People who have the credentials and spark to join the club meet in B171.

“We officially meet on Thursdays. However, we can meet up before school and after school. We can work during Highlander Time. We make it work for everybody because we want everybody to be involved,” Mosley said. Mosley believes the club will be a rewarding experience. “It’s a club that you get out what you put in. If you put in the energy, generally you’re going to do pretty well,” Mosley said.