Is prom worth the cost?

Seniors give their opinion on prom


Photo obtained via Flickr under a creative commons license

Miranda Johnson, Reporter

This year prom tickets cost $75, which is 15 dollars more than it was last year. Though it does not seem like much, it is money that could be spent elsewhere. This increase in cost has disappointed many juniors and seniors planning on going to it.

“[It] sucks for us because we raised a ton for the class above and we expected the juniors to do the same,” senior Haley Duncan said.

Prom is already one of the most expensive high school activities. The 75 dollars is a lot of money, and that does not even include the cost of other necessities.

“Girls I would say [spend more money on prom]. We have dresses, hair appointments, shoes, makeup, boutonnieres, and most buy their own ticket,” Duncan said. “However, some guys insist on paying for dinner and tickets which could add up pretty quickly. I think it depends on the guy, but almost every girl spends a ton on prom.”

For guys, the process of getting ready for prom is much easier, and a lot quicker.

“[I] shower and put on my tux, and that’s it,” senior Jared lampal said.

Some would argue that prom is not worth the price, that it is a waste of time and money.

“I’m not really sure if it’s worth it. The ticket price this year especially is pricey, but finding a beautiful dress and hanging out with friends is pretty fun,” Duncan said.

It may not be worth the money for the actual dance, but senior prom is something to remember for years to come.

“It’s not really worth it for the event itself, but it’s senior prom and the memories with your friends are worth [it],” Lampal said.