Patriots win Super Bowl LI

A historic Super Bowl victory from the perspective of students unfamiliar with football

Laura Opsahl-Ong, Reporter

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This past Sunday night millions of Patriot fans celebrated their team’s historic comeback and Super Bowl win, and millions more Patriots haters were crushed with disappointment. However, there was a third group that also tuned into the Super bowl in mass numbers, those with barely any football knowledge.

“But like which line are they supposed to cross? Why do they have fake shoulders? What does the quarterback do?” junior Sania Shahid said as she watched the Super Bowl with her father, who was also unfamiliar with the rules.

With over 100 million Americans tuning into the Super Bowl every year, the event is bound to attract many viewers who are unfamiliar with the game or the teams playing.

Sania Shahid is one such person.

“I’ve barely ever watched football before, and I know basically nothing about how it’s played,” said Shahid.

Junior Serena Wood however is a bit more familiar with the game.

“I don’t watch much but I know most rules and plays,” said Wood.

Like many other Super bowl watchers who had never been Falcons fans, but just strongly dislike the Patriots, Wood was upset by the Patriot’s overtime win.

“I wanted the falcons to win because I don’t particularly like the patriots aka their history of cheating,” said Wood. “So I didn’t like that the patriots won but overall happy about the game. I’m hoping for some sort of revenge in the future.”

Shahid was also rooting for the Falcons for similar reasons.

“We felt kind of sad because of the huge upset that the Falcons suffered, they had a clear lead initially and we really thought they were going to hold on to it,” said Shahid.

Junior Jackson Vann was also surprised by the unprecedented comeback.

“The falcons really gave it away at the end which was disappointing but overall a very good game,” said Vann, who also professes to not knowing much about football, but felt like his lack of knowledge wasn’t a hindrance to his viewing pleasure.

Shahid however reported having some trouble figuring out how the game worked.

“I was pretty confused by the game in general, since I’m not very familiar with the rules. I was just trying to make sense of all the lines they were crossing,” said Shahid. “But the game was still very exciting so I enjoyed it.”

“I just liked watching Tom Brady get knocked down like a domino,” said Wood.
It just goes to show that you don’t need to know much about the game to have fun watching it. The Super Bowl isn’t just for die hard football fans, it’s an American tradition that can be enjoyed by anyone who tunes in.

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