Welcome to McLean: Q&A with new teacher Kieran Sweeney

Get to know McLean's new World History 1 honors and AP Economics teacher

AP economics teacher Kieran Sweeny sits at her desk welcoming students into her classroom.

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With the start of the new school year McLean hired several new teachers. One of the new teachers was Kieran Sweeney, who took Jen Johnson’s place in teaching AP economics.

What subjects are you teaching this year?
“AP Economics and one block of World 1 Honors.”
Is this your first year teaching?
“Nope it’s my fourth. Before this I worked in a different school district here, as well as Philadelphia.”
What other classes have you taught?
“Though the years I have taught AP Economics, World 2, Sociology and Government.”
Why did you move to this area?
“Personal reasons and family, but I am very glad to be here.”
Where are you from?
What college did you go to?
“University of Pennsylvania.”
What is your favorite thing about McLean so far?
“It is very diverse and has a great location, but also I love how there are very positive students here.”
What is your favorite subject that you have taught?
“I have a love-hate relationship with economics.”
What are your expectations for your students this year?
“To reach the goals they have set for themselves.”

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Welcome to McLean: Q&A with new teacher Kieran Sweeney