Slang Dictionary: Winter 2017

Obtained via Creative Commons

Obtained via Creative Commons

Obtained via Creative Commons

Jack Senzel, Reporter

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Churndog(verb): To accomplish the impossible in a short amount of time.

“I just churndogged that AP homeowork last night.”

Something-don’t-add-up: When something doesn’t make sense.

“I had $25 and then I paid $20 for a pack of gummy bears. Now I have -$6.”

“Dang, something-don’t-add-up.”

dig(noun/verb): insult

“Hannah just called James ugly.”

“What a dig”

what the S: what the standard, going against common thought or reason.

“Yo, the vending machine wants me to pay $16 dollars for this Mellow Yellow, WHAT THE S!

dry-up(verb): be quiet

“Jenny talks to much in math class. She needs to dry up.”

Cash or check: kiss now or kiss later.

“Hey Jessica, cash or check?”

“Shut up Brad, you’re ugly”

Feast(verb): to accomplish something with assertiveness.

“Guys, it is the state championship game. Let’s go out there, play hard, and feast on those Langley kids.”

I’m hip: I agree or can relate.

“I don’t like single-ply toilet paper.”

“I’m hip.”

Mask off: showing ones true personality, to be exposed.

“Vanessa’s personality seems so fake.”

“We need to take her mask off”

On the level: someone or something being legitimate or honest.

“John keeps saying he is on the varsity chess team”

“Trust me, what is saying is John is on the level.”

Send it through: a cry or exclamation when something is ready to be published or established. Usually a piece of writing, video, or a picture.

“Look at his terrible photo I took of my mom.”

“Ya, but she is smiling.”

“Send it through!”

First Down!: making a breakthrough in a big task.

“I don’t know to spell Oregon.”

*writes the letter “O”

“First down!”

Geek(verb): to laugh

“Ms. Kooner said that Mark look like a cow and I geeked.”

eternal(adjective): a word to describe when something or a situation has a comedic, exaggerated, or improbable aspect.

“A giraffe has a 6 foot long neck!”

“Wow, they are the eternal periscope.”

Bet(exclamation, informal): to agree to a plan or task.

“Let’s meet at the park in 10 minutes.”




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